Get Armenian Food in New Delhi - Lavaash By Saby

About us

Presenting my story - ‘Lavaash (the bread)’, a word that has found a permanent spot in the UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list (incidentally the only food item to make it to the list from around the world). A word that goes so deep, not just into the food history of the world, but also the culture that Armenia gave to the rest of the world. Till date we are baking Lavaash at Kashmir in traditional Tonir's after so many centuries. It is my small effort to tell a story as beautiful and age old as Armenia, rather Armenian's in West Bengal.

Lavaash by Saby is the fruit of my lost nostalgic past. The initial mood board was made by Chef Megha and I, however it would have been impossible without the great artistic minds and effort of two young designers. 100% credit should be given to Viplov Singh and Svabhu Kohli for making my dream into a reality. Due credit should go to Chef Megha for her deep research in this subject and putting the recipes together, and my sister Sarbani for her continous support and for the deft Bengali touches in the kitchen wherever desired.